The Tale of Splashy the Strong

Chapter 1

The Town of Enterprise

Once upon a time there was a medieval town called Enter Prise. In Enter Prise, the streets were bustling with people of all kinds – from bards to butchers to cobblers. Enter Prise was a real B2B2C kind of organization, and it thrived on producing goods and services to sell outside its walls. However, the town’s defenses were always poor as the town folk never took the time to streamline their customer engagement efforts and trouble was brewing from afar.
Chapter 2

The Call Plague

A plague swooped in and blighted the lands around the town with an unruly number of calls that put a strain on the town’s defenses. The town had never realized how important it was to reign in inbound calls into one place and the town had trouble manning the posts needed to take on all the calls the plague was dishing out. If only the Town of Enter Prise had some way of channeling all these inbound calls into one centralized and consolidated place?
Chapter 3

The Text Dragon

As if the Call Plague wasn’t enough for the town of Enter Prise, a great fire-breathing dragon descended from the skies upon the town and saw that the town’s defenses were not match for its onslaught of texts. No matter how many town representatives manned the town’s text channels, they just couldn’t keep up with the dragon’s text volume. If only the Town of Enter Prise had a way of receiving inbound texts in one place and using that same place to send out massive SMS and texting campaigns, as well as scheduling texts and sending text follow-ups?
Chapter 4

The Chat Army

A third threat fell upon the Town of Enter Prise as a great, evil skeleton army of chats began its attack on the town. Chat after chat began crashing down on Enter Prise and their defensive posts simply could not keep up with the amount of chats present. Many of the chats fell out of view of the town, reminding the town folk of how unprepared they had been when dealing with inbound chats. If only the Town of Enter Prise had some way of communicating their chat conversations with full audit logs, image-sharing, and the ability to place chat widgets on individual town folk’s landing pages?
Chapter 5

Enter Splashy the Strong

As all hope seemed lost for the Town of Enter Prise, a magical being appeared, ready to save the day with shield and staff in hand. It’s Splashy the Strong! The town folk couldn’t believe it. While the town folk had heard of providers that could deal with calls or texts or chats, the stories around Splashy the Strong were that all those communication channels were able to be consolidated by Splashy the Strong into one unified location – both on a desktop browser and mobile app.
Chapter 6

Splashy the Strong Thwarts the Call Plague

Splashy the Strong had partnered with multiple cloud communication providers to give the Town of Enter Prise the best experience when calling with customers. Using a magic staff, Splashy the Strong spun it around, casting the Call Plague back to the underground from which it seeped. The powers of Splashy the Strong allowed for call-forwarding and included an assortment of locally generated 1-800 numbers to give the town folk of Enter Prise the capacity to use phone numbers later for when they’re engaging with their customers.
Chapter 7

Splashy the Strong Slays the Text Dragon

With the call plague managed, Splashy the Strong now faced the fire-breathing Text Dragon, armed only with a shield and magic staff. Splashy the Strong’s powers provided the town of Enter Prise the text and SMS bandwidth they needed to be ready for whenever a texting plague would come back. With massive outbound SMS campaigns and the ability to monitor spam rates, Splashy the Strong used the powers of omnichannel customer engagement to reign in the many texts that the dragon was bringing down upon the town and slayed the dragon.
Chapter 8

Splashy the Strong Defeats the Chat Army

Finally, with calls and texts managed by the omnichannel powers of Splashy the Strong, only the Chat Army remained. Using the customizable Botsplash chat widget as a shield, Splashy the Strong provided a better way for the town of Enter Prise to experience chat with their customers. The Botsplash chat widget can be customized by color, branding, routing, automation, and more so it would fit the town of Enter Prise perfectly.
Chapter 9

Epilogue: Moral of the Story

With the Botsplash omnichannel customer engagement platform, dealing with heavy influxes of leads isn’t a problem for B2B2C enterprises. Botsplash consolidates all inbound leads from chat, text, calls, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, and more into one unified platform. This allows for enterprises to have a greater overview of their lead traffic and greater ability to convert those leads into business opportunities.