Goldilocks & the Three Customer Engagement Platforms

Chapter 1

The Three Customer Engagement Platforms

Once upon a time there was a computer store that had three computers on public display. Each of these three computers had some sort of customer engagement platform running on them. The public could then request a private demonstration of each platform at the store. The first platform was called Small Talk, the second one Medium Media, and the third platform was the omnichannel customer engagement platform from Botsplash. Each platform had a texting service, a web chat function, and special features.
Chapter 2


One day the public display with the three computers running each customer engagement platform was left unattended by the store’s salesclerk. As such, a sole customer named Goldilocks on the look-out for some B2C engagement was strolling by the store and saw the display with the three computers and their customer engagement platforms.
Chapter 3

Texting / SMS

Goldilocks began using the first computer’s customer engagement platform – Small Talk. She saw that that the platform only offered texting with a limited volume of texts being able to be utilized monthly, so it was too underdeveloped for her. Goldilocks then used the Medium Media platform on the second computer and saw that its texting and SMS capabilities didn’t offer any way of sending out mass outbound SMS campaigns, so it was too inefficient for her. She then went to the third computer and saw that it was using the Botsplash omnichannel customer engagement platform and here was a platform where texting and SMS capabilities allowed for a high volume of texts to be sent out monthly, as well as allowing for mass outbound texting campaigns. She liked Botsplash so much that she ended up typing a simple text and sending it out to 5,000 individuals and even got a report of which texts got flagged for spam – something the other customer engagement platforms did not provide.
Chapter 4

Web Chat Functionality

Having been impressed by the SMS capabilities of the Botsplash omnichannel customer engagement platform, Goldilocks moved onto the web chat functionalities of each platform on the three computers.

First, she tried out the Small Talk platform and saw that its web chat offered no options for consumers to select to engage in a hybrid automated-live agent chat. She then promptly checked out the Medium Media platform and saw that its web chat didn’t allow for two-way document sharing or even allowing multiple agents to join in on the chat conversation. So, Goldilocks went to the third computer and saw that Botsplash’s web chat functionalities included document-sharing, multi-agent compatibility, and customizable options for consumers to select to engage with an automated bot to fill out important consumer information before engaging with an agent. Furthermore, Goldilocks saw the Botsplash platform even offered chat widgets that could integrate with pricing engines, mortgage calculators, and Personal Identifiable Information forms.
Chapter 5

Special Features

Determined to know more about the three customer engagement platforms, Goldilocks checked out the Small Talk platform and saw that there was no real offering of any additional features beside texting and web chat. Next, she saw that the Medium Media platform didn’t feature any real form of lead distribution, screen-sharing, or canned messages. Lastly, Goldilocks saw that the Botsplash platform not only had all the features missing from the first and second engagement platforms, but also allowed for users to have geo-location inform them of their inbound leads coming into Botsplash as well as writing out messages and scheduling them to be sent out later.

Goldilocks wrote herself a small message and used Botsplash’s scheduled send feature to have it sent out later. Goldilocks then stepped away from the public display with the three computers.
Chapter 6

The Store’s Salesclerk Returns – Part I

The computer store’s salesclerk finally returned to the public computer display and saw that all three computers and their accompanying customer engagement platforms had been used by someone.

“Someone tried to exceed the volume of SMS messages from the Small Talk platform!” said the salesclerk.

“Someone tried to send out mass outbound SMS campaigns from the Medium Media platform!” he continued.  

“And someone used the Botsplash customer engagement platform to send out a mass outbound SMS campaigns and even created a spam report about it!” the salesclerk said aloud.
Chapter 7

The Store’s Salesclerk Returns – Part II

Then the salesclerk noticed how the web chat functionality of each platform had been used as well.

“Someone initiated a chat on the Small Talk platform, but not a lot of engagement has taken place!” the salesclerk said.

“And here, someone tried to share documents and even have multiple people on one chat on the Medium Media platform but couldn’t get it to work!” he said.

“And look here! Someone used the Botsplash platform and saw that the accompanying chat widget offered customizable options for automated chat as well using an integrate pricing engine to get rates!”
Chapter 8

The Store’s Salesclerk Returns – Part III

Lastly, the salesclerk saw that each platform had had their additional special features tested out as well.

“The Small Talk platform has no real additional features, so someone has just left the platform!” the salesclerk exclaimed.

“Someone tried to use canned messages and get geo-locations of leads on the Medium Media platform but couldn’t as it’s not offered as an actual feature within the platform!”

“Someone used the Botsplash platform to not only look up geo-locations of inbound leads, but even scheduled a message to be sent out a later time and that someone is still here!” said the salesclerk.
Chapter 9

Epilogue: Moral of the Story

The salesclerk catches Goldilocks out of his periphery vision and when Goldilocks sees him coming towards her, she ran out of store, never to been by the salesclerk again.

Yet, as Goldilocks ran away, she simply couldn’t stop thinking about the sole customer engagement platform, Botsplash, that appeared to offer so much in terms of customer engagement and would surely recommend the omnichannel engagement platform to all her friends.