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Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring for Job Seekers: Why Employers May Check Your Credit?

Employers are increasingly checking the credit reports of job applicants. Here's what to know and when to allow it.
Personal Loans

How to Manage Medical Expenses with Personal Loans

Medical expenses can hit you when least expected. This article outlines your options and if using a personal loan is a viable option.

How Banks Safeguard Your Finances Against Cyber Threats and Fraud?

Fraud, scams, and threats are everywhere, especially when it comes to the banking industry and your hard earned money. Learn how banks can protect your finances and the safeguards that are in place.
Auto Financing

Understanding Your Credit Score and How it Affects Your Auto Loan

Your credit score has a big impact on obtaining an auto loan. A person's. credit can affect interest rates, approvals, and more.

The Impact of Inflation on the Stock Market: Should You Adjust Your Investment Strategy?

Inflation is on the rise and it's important to understand the implications it has on the stock market. Here we analyze the impact inflation is making and if it's worthwhile to invest in the stock market right now.

The Best High-Yield Dividend ETFs to Consider

ETFs can be a great investment option as they inherit the best traits of index funds and stocks. Learn about the best options and if ETF are the right option for your portfolio.

The Rules, Benefits, and How to Invest in a Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is an excellent option for people trying to save for retirement, a big purchase, or for a rainy day. Learn how a Roth account differs from other accounts and if it's right for you.
Credit Cards

The Best Subprime Credit Cards of 2023

Credit cards offer a convenient means of transacting and build credit with responsible spending. Here are some of the top cards you can obtain with suboptimal credit scores.