n Halloween, we honor the spirits who have returned to their homes with celebrations, treats, and parties. It is truly a day for celebration since you may revive your spirit that might have been lost due to your hectic life. There is no better time to rediscover your sense of humor and get back into the groove.

It's almost Halloween, so it's time to get out the costumes, stuff ourselves with candy, and decorate the house for the holiday. In the current economic climate, you may be looking for decorations and party ideas but on a budget since you don't want to break the bank for Halloween, right? Fear not; you won't need to sell a kidney to enjoy this Halloween bash.

Friends at a Halloween Party
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In this post, we'll go over some cheap Halloween decorations and party themes so you can enjoy your Halloween fully without worrying about breaking the bank.

Budget-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone is cosplaying someone or something on Halloween. Spiderman, superman, witches, vampires, ghosts, you name it. But these costumes can be expensive. Not to worry, because you can DIY your own costumes without spending much money. Here are some ideas for budget-friendly Halloween costumes:


To embrace the Disney villain with a good heart, the Maleficient outfit is a classic option for Halloween. The signature part of the maleficient is probably her horns. DIYing the horns is easy; all you need is aluminum foil, wire, and some black tape.

Maleficient Costume
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Use wire to form the horn's outline, wrap it in aluminum foil to add thickness, and tape it together. After that, just glue them to a headband, and you'll have horns in no time! Now that your horn is ready, pair it with a black dress and black lipstick, and you are now Magnificent!


The mummy costume is the most straightforward and inexpensive Halloween party option. You can get by with only a white bandage or toilet paper roll. Just wrap them around your body, and you are now ready to scare people!

Mummy Costume
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The zombie look is one of the iconic looks for this Halloween, as with the pandemic, people expect a zombie apocalypse to happen. It's easy to pull up the zombie look. All you need is ripped clothes, dark red food coloring, a white foundation, and dark eye shadow. For further realism, try wearing a pair of white contact lenses.

Zombie Costume
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The key to the zombie look is pale skin and lots of fake blood. To make fake blood, combine 1 cup of corn syrup, 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, and 1-2 tablespoons of red food coloring. Then splash the fake blood all over your clothes and body. Wear white foundation or just put some baby powder to get that pale look, and use dark eye shadows to highlight sunken areas. Now walk slow like zombies, and you are done!

Bedsheet Ghost

2020 saw this look dominate TikTok, but it will remain trendy for years. The ghost in a bedsheet costume is perfect for a Halloween party since it's basic yet trendy. All you need is a white bedsheet, scissors and a pair of black sunglasses. Now, wrap the bedsheet and cut the parts for your eyes. Then wear the sunglasses over it. Voila, you are ready!

Bedsheet Ghost Costume
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Squid Game Look

Squid game was one of the top trending Netflix series in 2021. Why not dress up as characters from your favorite squid game series to liven up Halloween this year? If you haven't watched it, make sure the series is on your watchlist this Halloween. There are plenty of characters in the squid game. There's the terrifying little girl in yellow, the players in green tracksuits, and the red guards.

  • For a little girl in a yellow outfit, all you need is a yellow shirt, orange skirt, long white socks, black shoes, and braided hair. You may now go to play red light, green light.
  • For the green tracksuit players, you will need a green tracksuit and will need to glue down the player's numbers to the jacket. It's up to you to choose your favorite character's number from the show or put your favorite number.
  • For the red player, you will need a red hoodie and joggers. The mask can be tricky, but with little DIY, you can rock the look. All you need is a mask, then cover it with any black fabric. Make sure the material is breathable. Now, you will need styrofoam; cut it in any shape ( round, triangle, or square ) you like, and attach it to the mask. Now, you are ready for some extra fun!


Vampires are timeless, and so is their outfit. The key to the look is a trench coat and fangs. You can buy fangs or DIY your fangs with fake white nails. Cut the nails in the shape of fangs and attach them to your teeth with the help of glue. Put on some red lipstick, black eyeliner, and white foundation. Also, wear fake black nails or paint your nails black. Now, you are ready to drink some blood (or wine!).

Vampire Costume
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Lego Brick

Legos are fun to play with and fun to wear as well. You can go for the lego theme this Halloween. It just takes a cardboard box, plastic containers, and glue to start. Now, glue down the containers to the card box and paint them with any color you like or the hoodie you have. Lastly, wear a hoodie of the same color, and tada, your lego brick costume is done.

Lego Brick Costume
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PPE Suits

Do you know that during the pandemic, due to the lack of PPE suits, medical people wore Halloween costumes to be protected against the covid -19? We all know how terrifying the pandemic was; hopefully, it is under control now. If you have extra PPE suits lying around, then nothing can be best costumes than that. Just wear the suit, which will be one of the most terrifying costumes at the party.

PPE Suite Costume
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Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Look

Kim Kardashian made headlines with her met gala look in 2021. She dressed up all black in the event, garnering massive attention. Replicate the same look for the Halloween party and stand out at the party. You can buy the entire black suit on amazon for $25 and layer your black outfits to recreate the trendiest look.

Kim K Met Gala Suit Costume
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DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Now that you have decided on your costumes, it's time to decorate the house for Halloween. Decorating a home doesn't mean purchasing expensive decor from the store. You can also DIY the decorations. DIY is not just an excellent staycation idea but a lifesaver for Halloween decorations. Here are some DIY Halloween decor ideas:

Ghostly Fridge

This idea is perfect for you if you have a white fridge at your house. All you need is a bunch of cardboard boxes, paint, and scissors. Now, cut the cardboard box into shapes of spooky eyes and mouths, and you will have a ghostly fridge!

Halloween Fridge Decoration
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Trash Bag Spiderweb

Trash bag spiderwebs are the easiest DIY you can make for Halloween. You will just need a trash bag and scissors. First, trim off the edges so that you will have two rectangles. Now, fold them into a triangle and cut the excess plastic to get a perfect square. Fold it to a cone shape and tape the open side of the bag. Once you have a cone, cut off the excess plastic and now, use any markers to draw the spider web and cut it off. Lastly, open the cone, and you will get the trash bag spiderweb.

Trash bag Spiderweb decoration
Source: Simplebeingmommy

Fake Eyeball

Nothing is scarier than feeling someone is watching you. Add a spooky touch to your home by making fake eyeballs and sticking them on jars, trees, furniture, and flowers. A ping pong ball and some googly eyes will do the trick. You can use the markers to make spooky eyes in the ping pong ball or simply purchase them at Walmart or Amazon.

Fake Eyeball Decoration
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It's believed that ghosts might rise from the tomb on Halloween and roam the earth. So, turn your front yard into a cemetery so they won't come to your home. You can make tombstones from the foam board. Add any personal touches you'd like to the gravestones.

Fake Tombstone Decoration
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Milk Carton Ghost

We all have milk cartons lying around. So, why not use them as Halloween decor instead of throwing them away? All you have to do is draw a spooky ghost face on cleaned and dried milk cartons. You can stuff the fairy lights inside to let them glow in the dark on Halloween night.

Milk Carton Ghost Decoration
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Bat Leaves

Have you ever wondered if maple leaves look like a bat? Time to turn the leaves into creepy little bats for the Halloween decor! Gather some maple leaves, black paint, and white marker. After spraying or painting the leaves all black, draw bat faces on them. You can hang them on the doors or windows for Halloween decor.

Bat Leaves Decoration
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Head Jar

What would you do if you stumbled across the head jar instead while searching for food in the refrigerator? It would frighten you to death! For this reason, a head jar is one of the best decorations for Halloween. A jar, some red paint, and a picture of your face (or someone else's, if you choose) are all required. Put the laminated print into the jar, then add red food coloring to the water to make it seem like blood. Keep the head jar in the fridge and wait for the reaction! Make sure to record it to have a good laugh later on.

Head In A Jar Halloween Decoration
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Ghost Balloons

Buy white balloons and draw spooky eyes and mouths on them. Stick the toilet paper at the end. You will now have floating ghost balloons.

Ghost Balloons Decorations
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Ghost Body

Make your own ghost body by wrapping yourself in tape. Cover your body parts in tape so they will take the body's shape. Do this in different steps, such as the hands, legs, and head. Then, assemble all the parts and hang them to look like real ghosts.

Ghost Body Decoration
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Trash Bag Witches

Do you know you can turn your trash bag into a witch? You only need a pumpkin head, tomato cages, and a trash bag. Place the tomato cage upside down and put the pumpkin head on the spikes. Now wrap the trash bag and tie it to their waist to give it a shape. Make three of these and recreate the hocus pocus in your backyard!

Trash Bag Witches
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Easy to Make Halloween Recipes

Apart from costumes and decor, Halloween is all about tasty food and treats. Since everything is spooky, why not make Halloween-themed recipes to match the vibes? Here are some easy-to-make recipes for this Halloween:

Pickled Brains

You can turn cauliflower into a deliciously creepy Halloween decor and recipe. This recipe is perfect for the Halloween decor and can later be served to the main dishes. Check out the recipe here.

Pickled Brain Halloween Snack
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Scary Halloween Jelly

This dessert is perfect for a Halloween party. The eyeballs and fingers may look gruesome, but they are tasty bites. Check out the recipe here.

Scary Halloween Jelly
Source: bbcgoodfoodme.com

Toffee Apples

Make it traditional by serving the toffee apples. All you need is apples and sugar syrup. Dip the apples in the sugar syrup, and you are done with the recipe.

Toffee Apples
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Pumpkin Pie

Halloween is incomplete without the pumpkin pie. It's tasty, easy to make, and budget-friendly. Check out this easy recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie
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Intestines Roll

If you are looking for a spooky yet budget-friendly Halloween recipe, then an intestines roll is the best option. All you need is a cinnamon roll and strawberry jam. Spread the cinnamon roll as an intestine and bake it for 15 mins at 400 F. Then spread over the strawberry jam mixed with glaze. Now, you are ready to eat this blooded edible intestine.

Intestines Roll Halloween Treat
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All-Time Best Halloween Movies

You would want to watch some spooky movies with all the decor, food, and vibes to spice it up. Here are the top 5 all-time best movies for Halloween:


Halloween is the best time of the year when you hang out with your friends and family. So, make sure to enjoy the day fullest without breaking the bank. The figures show that Americans spent $10 billion on Halloween in 2021, with average spending of $100. With the possible recession around the corner and decade-high inflation, it is better to opt for a budget-friendly Halloween. After all, it's not about how much you spend but how much you enjoy. With all this budget-friendly Halloween decor and party ideas, you can add up memories this Halloween without emptying your pocket.

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Oct 10, 2022
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